Holocaust Memorial The Berlin Wall A view from the Wombats hostel

Berlin: Day 3

Berlin: Day 3

After checking out the room and putting our bags into storage, we headed to a nearby cafe for a huge breakfast of blueberry pancakes. Easily enough for two people on each plate, it wasn’t long before all four of us had called it quits.

Catching a cab back to the Brandenburg Gate we visited on day one, we headed south through the gate to the Holocaust memorial. Created from 2,700 concrete pillars of varying height, intentionally left faceless and blank, you walk along a square grid with the pillars towering up to 10ft above you. This beautiful and eerie memorial was made all the more poingiant as the entire site was covered in a thick layer of ice. This dampened the sound even furthar and gave everything a white glow.

Walking back through Potsdammerplatz we headed further south towards the Berlin Wall. We had initially tried to find a roof-top bar nearby called Solar however it was shut when we arrived there in the early afternoon.

The Berlin wall appears as an unassuming section of concrete wall sandwiched between a museum and building site. It itself is fenced off to stop visitors touching or stealing sections and was covered in hastily scrawled notes from both before and after the wall came down in 1989.