Train underpass in northern Berlin Inside the TV tower View from the TV tower

Berlin: Day 2

Berlin: Day 2

The day started, somewhat hungover, with a trip up the giant tv tower. After a short wait in the Soviet-styled lobby and a 40 second lift ride you arrive on the observation level inside the globe. The tower offers brilliant views across the city on a clear day and is a great way of finding your bearings in a city as spread out ad Berlin. A revolving restaurant is on the floor above however it was unclear to us how to reserve a table. With no time pressure on when to leave we managed several circuits of the gallery spotting something new each time before deciding to take the lift, rather than 986 steps, down.

After a quick break nearby for another German breakfast we headed into an area of the city known as Prenzlauer Berg. This area is far less touristy than areas to the west and you can find plenty of small boutiques, cafes and street vendors nestled around the train lines. With shops, clubs and artwork spilling out of the buildings and onto the streets it reminded me more of areas in East London rather that continental Europe.

The entrance to the TV tower.

We stopped several times for drinks in some of the soviet styled cafes before finding ourselves outside a huge sports stadium tucked away behind some anomalous looking flats. The area had been turned into a giant play area for the locals, with the icy hills and basketball courts serving as impromptu sledding ramps.

This circuit lead us back onto the main streets and back towards the hostel. A quick drink was had before we headed out to find food. An Italian restaurant not far from the hostel was where we ate. Despite being full of touristy types, it was a bizarre choice as its dual menu were of German and Italian, its walls full of band posters and socialist slogans.